8 Easy tips to combat overindulgence during Christmas

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Avoid Christmas overindulgence and stay healthy by following our 8 healthy tips this festive season. From eating the season’s best produce to choosing the healthy choices from the spread, these tips will get you through the festive season without the adverse effects of overindulgence. 

1. Don’t skip your breakfast to save on calories 

Start your day like any other day. Don’t compromise on a nourishing and filling breakfast as we all do on a regular day. A good breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and helps you burn your calories throughout the day. So, don’t skip your breakfast to save calories for a festive lunch. 

2. Avoid your sugar temptation with a healthy protein bar 

Just as how a protein bar is your on-the-go meal before or after work-out, it also works great to curb your sweet tooth. Just an hour before your festive feast, eat a protein bar, and it will help you avoid your sugar-laden temptations. 

3. Incorporate the season’s best produce 

Summers, especially in Australia, is a great time to eat seasonal produce. So, instead of turning into meat pies and chocolate cakes, enjoy a lovely fruit platter or add more fresh vegetables to your salad. 

4. Pick your indulgence wisely 

We understand that it could be challenging to avoid indulgences during the Christmas season, but we recommend choosing your indulgences wisely. 

One way of doing it correctly is to eat more bliss balls instead of the usual truffles or choose an avocado dip over a cheese dip. 

5. Before starting your meal, drink a glass of water with lemon. 

To boost your digestion, drinking a glass of water with lemon is excellent. Even adding one squeezed lemon can provide up to 21% of a person’s daily Vitamin C value

6. Get moving 

After a heavy festive meal, plan an activity you look forward to, such as group walking with your family. You can also visit friends and family, play a game with them, or just hang out. 

7. Don’t go empty stomach to a festive lunch or dinner 

Don’t arrive hungry when you go for a festive meal. So, when you’re empty stomach, there are chances that you will grab whatever you can get and overindulge. We recommend eating a nutritious snack if you’re hungry before you arrive for a big meal. 

8. Choose your drinks wisely 

The more you drink your favourite Champagne or the carbonated drinks, the more is the build-up of gas and bloating. Plus, most drinks will give you a hangover and trigger acid reflux. To limit its effect, go slow on drinks and drink plenty of water before and after drinking alcohol.