Men's health month for raising awareness for importance of visiting doctors for men's health concern

Telehealth for Men’s Health: Start a conversation

Traditionally, men have never been good at talking about their health concerns, but now telehealth paves a way for men to begin difficult conversions without having to physically attend a clinic. In a recent Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) survey, it revealed patients are beginning to heed the message, understanding telehealth as an effective method of healthcare. So, for all the guys out there, if you have a concern you’re not talking about, make a telehealth appointment today and start the conversation. You can book online for appointments or call us at (07) 4633 9000

A woman suffering from mental illness due to pandemic lockdown, seeking care services from GPs, Doctors in Curzon

We are here for your mental well-being

Even as restrictions begin to ease, some in the community will begin to feel the knock-on of the pandemic and its effect on mental health. Some will have to deal with feelings of uncertainty, the loss of employment, the virus itself, even a general unease as we begin to readjust and try to get on with our daily lives.

If you feel you’re not coping, speak to a friend, family, or colleagues, or speak with your GP who will always be there to help you. To book a telehealth appointment now visit or call 4633 9000. 

Woman holding hands with daughter showing health as first priority

Don’t neglect your health during COVID-19

Such is the impact of coronavirus the federal government has warned many patients are neglecting existing health conditions or new health concerns. The primary care for patients remains our number one priority and we urge all patients not to allow COVID-19 to dictate the outcome of other health issues. Make an appointment to visit your GP today by  booking online or call 4633 9000

Needle injected on arm for travel vaccination services at GPs on Curzon.

Influenza Vaccines Available

GPs on Curzon have Influenza vaccines available. We have government vaccines available for Children from the age of 6 Months to under 5 years, anyone 65 years and over and anyone with a qualifying chronic disease. We also have private vaccines available. The Australian Chief Medical Officer is still recommending everyone to have an influenza vaccine to avoid being unwell this winter with a complicating respiratory virus.

Bookings can be made online via our website – book in the “Flu Clinic”, or by phoning the practice.

Dr Peta Carriline, general practitioner from GPs on Curzon, Doctor in Toowoomba

Welcome Dr Peta Carriline back!

We are excited to have Dr Peta Carriline working with us again. Peta graduated Medicine at James Cook University in 2008, and subsequently completed her Fellowship of General Practice FRACGP in 2013. She holds a Diploma of Child Health and Family Planning National Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health. Her special interests include Women’s Health through the ages (contraception, pregnancy planning and antenatal care, menopause), as well as chronic disease management and preventative health care. Peta also works part time in medical education, working with general practitioners in training. When not at work, Peta is kept busy with her three busy young sons.

Peta is very happy to accept new patients via phone or Video consultation first. Then if required She will organise a Face to Face appointment in the rooms.


Flatten the curve

The best way to prevent getting COVID-19 is to avoid it. To stop the spread, everyone must practice social distancing, stay at home if possible, wash your hands regularly, especially after touching foreign or public surfaces, and do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth before washing your hands. You can stop the spread, avoid getting sick, and flatten the curve.

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Congratulations sign to AGPAL-accreditation of GPs on Curzon

GPs on Curzon is AGPAL accredited now

Knowing you’re in the care of a quality medical practice is best measured by a recognised body. GPs on Curzon is proud to share our recent success in achieving AGPAL accreditation, which stands for Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited, an independent body that aims to improve the standards and quality of healthcare for all Australians.

To achieve accreditation takes genuine commitment, so to the entire team we thank them, for our patients, it recognises GPs on Curzon as a safe place of care that respects an individual’s rights, is committed to ongoing education and training and improving patient health. You can learn more about our accreditation by visiting

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COVID-19 precaution measures placed in GPs on Curzon, Toowoomba doctors

Monday 23rd March – Covid-19 Update

Dear patients.

As of Monday 23rd March ALL APPOINTMENTS will need to be telephone consultation initially. Your Doctor will try to assist you this way as much possible and decide if you need to be seen in the practice for a face to face consultation and take appropriate precautions if needed. If you have a FEVER OR ACUTE RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS (e.g. cough, shortness of breath, sore throat) WITH OR WITHOUT FEVER, You need to call the Department of Health Covid-19 Hotline on 1800 020 080 or healthfirst helpline 1800 022 222 for triage advice on your symptoms and what to do next. You may be directed for testing at an approved location. If your symptoms are severe (hard to breath or can’t stop coughing) please attend the public hospital or call 000 if an emergency. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THE PRACTICE. If you have mild respiratory symptoms please stay at home and go to or call 1800 020 080 for more advice about your symptoms. You may book a telephone consultation only at our practice if you have been advised to do so.

If you have arrived in Australia from overseas from Monday 16th March even if you are well, you are required by law to self isolate at home for 14 days. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THE PRACTICE. You may book a telephone consultation.

If you are seeking information about Covid-19 please go to for the most up to date and best information.