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Effective from June 2022

We have made changes to how GPs on Curzon manages test results. This is to improve our ability to care for our patients whilst in the practice.

Doctors review test results regularly. If your doctor has no specific concerns regarding your test results, they will usually send you an SMS or Email letting you know ‘there are no specific concerns about your results’. If you want further detailed information regarding your test results, please book a telehealth or in person appointment with a GP or discuss with the Doctor at your next routine visit.

If your Doctor needs to discuss results with you, you will receive an SMS or Email asking to book a recall appointment with a GP via telehealth or in person. On occasions, results come in on different days during the week. Hence, you may receive an initial SMS or Email stating no specific concerns, but then receive an SMS about a different result a few days later asking you to book a follow-up appointment. Please take note of this recall notice and book an appointment.

If you have any Urgent Results needing follow up, either your Doctor or a nurse will be in contact via telephone to request a follow-up appointment be made with your GP.

Nursing staff are no longer able to be contacted for results. We ask that you respect this decision so that our nursing staff can care for our sick patients in the practice. We strongly encourage you to access your own My Health Record (via your MY Gov account) for copies of your results, which are usually available after 7 days. If you would like more in-depth explanation about your results, then again, we request you book an appointment with a Doctor.

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