COVID-19 Vaccine Practice Information

GPs on Curzon is a Covid-19 Vaccine Site

The Federal Department of Health has approved GPs on Curzon to be a COVID-19 vaccine site.

We are currently vaccinating all people aged 5 years and older with the Comirnaty (Pfizer) vaccine.

New appointments will be opening up each couple of weeks, so please check availability of appointments weekly.

In Toowoomba, the other alternative vaccination site is currently at Clifford Gardens Shopping centre.

Respiratory Illness Precautions

We all need to remain alert and vigilant when it comes to respiratory illnesses.

We understand that this may be difficult when you or your own child is sick – but we ask that all parents and patients respect the Federal Health Departments guidelines on how to manage respiratory illnesses.

At GPs on Curzon – we ask that you still make an initial Telehealth Consultation with a doctor if you or your child has a Cough, Fever, Sore throat or Runny nose. The doctor can then guide you on the best way to approach the illness, guide you to the right testing locations or organise for you and your child to come into the practice once a negative Covid swab has been confirmed.

GPs on Curzon has not been given funding for the full Protective Equipment needed to see all patients with Respiratory illnesses. But there are a number of other alternatives in Toowoomba who have been given funding for the full PPE and to do full respiratory examinations. You and your child can ring and book with any of the Respiratory Clinics in Toowoomba or present to the Emergency departments available (Toowoomba General Hospital Emergency Department or the St Vincent’s Private Emergency Centre).

The Respiratory Clinics available are The Respiratory clinic on the Corner of James and Neil St (4632 4888), the Respiratory clinic at the Toowoomba General Hospital (4616 6000) and the Respiratory Clinic at Carbal Medical Centre Kearney Springs (4580 1400). Parents and Patients can call these places directly or book online.

Sick child coughing into elbow - Covid-19 Vaccine Information