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Feeling a little banged up, under the weather, worse for wear, or frustrated by the Coronavirus crisis?

Well, most of us have similar complaints. As we gradually start to return to our normal life, many of us are feeling the after effects of a worldwide crisis none of us had prepared for. Headaches, tiredness, feeling worn out, and then the cold season could be just some of the things that are adding to the unease.

Let’s address some common health issues where a visit to a doctor would be highly suggested.

Prepare for the Flu season

This year’s flu season is different. Many scientists have advised if you have the flu, you’re already more vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus. The flu has more or less similar symptoms like coronavirus. Fever, runny nose and difficulty to breathe are similar symptoms seen in both the conditions.

One way of keeping yourself protected from getting the flu virus, is to get the flu shot.

At our practice, we have up-to-date vaccines and experts to administer one. Consider a flu shot for you and your family.

Is working from home hurting your health?

We might have never anticipated working from home for such a prolonged period. This brings challenges, both to your physical and mental health. Sitting for long hours, working without your colleagues around or higher screen time can be adverse for your health.

People who enjoy social interaction in an office environment or other workplace might find it challenging to work remotely. Those who live alone and away from family might have suffered from mild mental health deterioration if not, worse.

A doctor’s visit or even a telephone consultation can help guide you to a healthier version of yourself. A visit to your local GP is recommended if you are affected due to isolation.

Our GPs have a special interest in addressing mental health issues and can recommend further guidance on your recovery.

Binge eating and drinking a lot?

According to a new report by the Australian National University, we are drinking alcohol more frequently during the COVID-19 lockdown than before. Since we are spending more time at home, we are also eating more and perhaps binge eating and enjoying TV.

The increase in alcohol consumption can be attributed to a decline in working hours, boredom, depression and even loss of a job. Confronting your excessive drinking habits is not easy. Simply giving up drinking may not be realistic for all of us,  and not every one of us is ready to address the negative impacts of alcoholism.

Trust your GPs and ask for their guidance. GPs are your first therapist and can recommend counseling as well as referrals to experts.

Keep seeing your GP

At our medical practice, our GPs are prepared to help patients with their physical and mental health. We maintain all safety measures to provide a clean and sanitized environment for our patients.

If you would like to consult, book an online appointment, or call our friendly staff at (07) 4633 9000 for more information.