Employment Medicals

Employment Medicals and Commercial Driving License Medicals

Our comprehensive employment and Commercial Driving License medical examinations provide a health assessment for a Worker or a Commercial Driver before they commence employment. The examination assists with risk management and identifies whether a worker is medically suitable for the role they are applying for. 

Often before workers begin employment a baseline health assessment is needed to help a business understand their level of risk. As we come out of stay at home restrictions and workers begin returning to work, GPs on Curzon’s comprehensive Employment and Commercial Driving Medicals can provide businesses with valuable employee health checks to minimise that risk.
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During an Employment medical examination: Our doctor may check for:

  • Medical and surgical history
  • Whole-body check including height, weight, blood pressure, limbs and spine check, heart and lung examination, general skin examination,
  • Urine Test for glucose and blood
  • Vision and Colour Vision
  • Instant or Laboratory Drug and Alcohol Screen.
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Fasting Blood Cholesterol and Fasting Glucose
  • Cardiovascular Risk assessment.
  • Audiometry
  • Spirometry

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Employment medical check-up FAQs

Employment medical tests are conducted to check if you are medically fit to perform your work. These test results are retained by your employer in their employment health database.
There is nothing to worry about, our GPs will guide you further if any concern arises.
Questions related to your medications, injuries, chronic diseases, family history, smoking and alcohol consumption are commonly asked. It is important to be honest and give clear answers.
This test would be conducted if asked by your employer. You would be notified before your medical examination.
Yes.Individuals with concerning medical conditions do fail, but again this is something your employer would decide. This is not necessarily a problem, as GPs can provide medical help and explore ways to reduce risks associated with your work.

According to ATO standards, your pre-employment tests are not deductible. Your work-related expenses are deductible only if directly incurred related to your current employment. For further information on this, visit ATO’s Work-related Expenses page.

Bring your spectacles, reading glasses, contact lens or hearing aids if you use them. Dress appropriately, preferably loose clothes. You could be asked to fast before your appointment for conducting blood tests for sugar.

If you are taking medication is it important to declare this and a list should be brought along.

For further information on employment medical checks, please click here.