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Things you need to ask about reproductive health to your GP

Reproductive health questions to ask your GP

Reproductive health is the complete state of physical and mental wellness. So, you’re not just capable of conceiving without any issues but have the freedom to decide when and how. Here are the top things you need to ask about reproductive health to your GP

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Needle injected on arm for travel vaccination services at GPs on Curzon.

Influenza Vaccines Available

GPs on Curzon have Influenza vaccines available. We have government vaccines available for Children from the age of 6 Months to under 5 years, anyone 65 years and over and

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Dr Peta Carriline, general practitioner from GPs on Curzon, Doctor in Toowoomba

Welcome Dr Peta Carriline back!

We are excited to have Dr Peta Carriline working with us again. Peta graduated Medicine at James Cook University in 2008, and subsequently completed her Fellowship of General Practice FRACGP

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Flatten the curve

The best way to prevent getting COVID-19 is to avoid it. To stop the spread, everyone must practice social distancing, stay at home if possible, wash your hands regularly, especially

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