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Heart Health, Toowoomba

Heart Health Check, Toowoomba

A regular heart health check for a healthy life. 

Regular heart health checks can save lives. These checks are comprehensive assessments conducted by our healthcare professionals to evaluate your risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and to determine your overall heart health.

Heart health checks can identify potential issues early on and allow you to implement preventive measures to reduce the risk of heart-related problems.

Our Clinic is dedicated to providing excellence in the screening and treatment of heart conditions and cardiovascular problems. We are a leading medical service provider serving patients across Toowoomba and beyond. Our group of highly experienced GPs and nurses have a special interest heart health checks. 

A Brilliant Initiative

Our nurse, Di, speaks with Matt St Ledger at the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) about a “brilliant initiative which ensures coordinated care for patients with coronary heart disease within the [Toowoomba] community.”

Heart Health Assessment

We believe going for a regular heart health check can make a critical difference to your quality of life.

Our GPs will conduct a 20 minutes assessment to help understand your heart health and identify if you have any risks of heart attack or stroke. You will be aware of your risks and our doctors and nurses can support you to lower the risks. 

To learn more about heart diseases or your risk of having a stroke, click here

Looking after yourself is essential for a healthy heart

  • Visit qualified medical providers regularly for a heart health check
  • If you are 45 and above, an annual heart health risk assessment is recommended. 
  • Concentrate on your health to maintain normal  blood glucose levels, blood pressure and bodyweight .
  • A balanced healthy diet is essential with reduction in fast and processed foods. 
  • Get active, move more and regularly exercise.
  • Reduce sugary and salty food,  aerated drinks and alcohol.
  • Quitting smoking is very important and will halve your risk of suffering from a heart attack or stroke. 

Our Doctor with a special interest in heart health care

To book your heart health check today

Call us at 07 4633 9000 or book online for an appointment.

Heart Health Assessment FAQs

Approximately 30-45 mins (including electrocardiogram, height, weight, blood pressure).

Up to $177 with medicare rebate of up to  $102.50

Your doctor will advise you on the next steps for management or further investigation or specialist referral.

Yes, but we suggest you see your regular doctor for this if possible.

It is likely you will need a follow up after having a fasting cholesterol and blood glucose test.

No. You will need to see one of our medical professionals in person.