Closing the gap: Our commitment to improving the health of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community

Closing the gap by providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specific health services in Toowoomba, Doctors in Toowoomba

GPs on Curzon is “helping to close the health gap” by providing expert health care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the Toowoomba Community.

Providing Indigenous Health in Toowoomba

Indigenous Australians are more likely to have chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases along with mental health issues. 

There is also a higher occurrence of diabetes and cancers including breast cancer for women and lung cancer for men among the Indigenous Australian community when compared to the non-indigenous Australians.

In view of this, we have put together a patient-centred approach to provide the best health outcomes specific to the needs of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in Toowoomba. 

Our Health Programs

At GPs on Curzon, we have established health care programs led by a team of doctors to help the community with chronic disease management, providing primary health care to anyone in the family, programs to educate and reduce tobacco and alcohol use and other specific health issues including programs to help with mental health issues. 

GPs on Curzon is a proud provider of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services, so if you’re looking for a doctor with specialist knowledge in Toowoomba, make an appointment with us. 

You can either make an online appointment with our doctors or call us (07) 4633 9000 at for further discussion.