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Have a Skin Check in Toowoomba

Our dedicated team of experienced skin doctors provide comprehensive skin checks at our skin cancer clinic in Toowoomba. With a focus on early lesion detection and proactive skin care, we offer skin examinations that can identify issues before they become invasive, and in many cases, these can be treated by our experienced doctors. 

Comprehensive Skin Checks by Skin Doctors

Our skin doctors are equipped to perform thorough and full skin cancer checks, dermoscopy examinations, biopsies and skin cancer excisions. Whether you are concerned about the appearance of a mole, or want the piece of mind of having a full body skin check, our doctors are here to help. 

Treatments for various Skin Cancers

Sun damage can cause numerous health problems over the years. If detected early, sun damage or very early skin cancers can be easily treated without surgery. Treatment includes cryotherapy and topical field creams as effective non-surgical options for managing sun damange, Solar Keratoses, Actinic Keratoses, Intraepithelial Carcinomas and superficial Basal Cell Carcinomas. Other more advanced skin cancers such as Basal Cell Carcinomas, Squamous Cell Carcinomas and Melanomas require surgical excision. Your doctor will recommend the best treatment based on the stage of the skin cancer, and other factors, such as health conditions and age.

Our Doctors with a Special interest in skin checks and skin cancer treatment are:

Dr Laetitia Botha

Dr Laetitia Botha – Skin Cancer Doctor

Dr Peters

Dr Scott Peters – Skin Cancer Doctor

Book a Skin Cancer Check in Toowoomba

Prioritise your skin health by booking an appointment to visit our leading skin cancer clinic in Toowoomba for a complete skin check-up; and if you have concerns about skin lesions, moles or sun damaged skin, don’t let it go unnoticed. Be sure to seek a skin examination from our doctors. Your skin health is our top priority.

  1. Patient books an initial face-to-face consultation, via the online booking system or by contacting the practice on 0746339000.
  2. An appropriate time to come to the practice for a Full Skin examination will be booked. We ask that you wear no makeup and minimal skin creams.
  3. If any irregularities are detected then if possible they are treated on the day or a biopsy or excision is arranged as soon as required.

Skin Clinic FAQs

How long does a skin check take?

Usually between 15-30mins, depending on your skin type.

How much does it cost?

All costs are based on the time it takes to complete a thorough examination. You can view our fees here. If an excision is required, there is usually up to a $90 – $100 out-of-pocket cost. This depends on the type of Skin Cancer or lesion removed. 

We are not a bulk billing practice – but if you are struggling with finances, please discuss this with the doctor.

What happens if you find something wrong?

The doctor will discuss this with you on the day and organise for the appropriate management and treatment.

Can I choose which doctor performs the check?


Will I need a follow-up appointment?

If there are any skin cancers diagnosed, then yes, we will recommend follow up. Otherwise, in general, we recommend an annual skin check up.

Can skin checks be done via telehealth?

Yes. The initial consultation can be done via Telehealth, although this is not as ideal as a Face to Face consultation. But if the doctor has any concerns, they will organise for you to come to the practice for a Face to Face appointment.

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