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Women’s Health at GPs on Curzon

Feelings of connectedness matter to people, and personal connection perhaps most of all. Most of us appreciate Face to Face medical services.

This is especially true in healthcare, where the ability to make a genuine bond with a Doctor allows patients and doctors to forge a relationship in which information is easily exchanged, no matter how sensitive or potentially uncomfortable.

For women in Australia, the best opportunity to establish such a connection is with their GP.

Those connections may also mean that GPs have an opportunity to provide preventative health care, and may find a range of health problems, as well as being a professional confidant for women to discuss their concerns.

At GPs on Curzon we have a number of female General Practitioners and have wonderful opportunities to assist women to achieve their best health outcomes and maximum potentials.

While all patients are unique, issues of sexual and reproductive health are common threads running through the lives of most women.

Sexual and reproductive health is also an area of healthcare that has undergone great change over the past few decades as the social landscape has shifted.

GPs can help patients proactively around preventing unwanted pregnancies, a range of contraception options, screening for STI’s and pre-pregnancy planning.

All our GPs are trained in inserting and removing Implanon as a Long-Acting contraception. We also have 3 very experiences GPs who can offer counselling and insertion of IUDs (Mirena and Kyleena) as a very good Long-Acting low hormonal dose contraception (LARCs). This is even for women in their 20s where there has been more and more interest. (See below)

Women’s health also includes breast screening, Cervical Screening testings (CST – the new Pap smear) and later in life Bone health and Cardiovascular health.

Illness and disease don’t discriminate

In the same way men’s health is more than ‘prostate cancer and sports injuries’, women’s health is far broader than people tend to assume and includes a number of health issues that can potentially fly under the radar. For example, while it is widely accepted that men can often be at risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), it is not always considered that women share a high risk, particularly as they age.

There are generally low rates of CVD before menopause, but after menopause there is a very rapid increase in prevalence that actually surpasses men.

Bowel cancer is an incredibly common cancer in women. Women are also at increased risk of stroke and tend to experience stroke earlier than men.

Patients’ approaches to women’s health are continuing to grow according to changes in lifestyle, parenting practices, working lives, sexuality, gender identification, and other important areas. We aim to keep up to date with these changes to help all women at all stages of life.

Women’s health topics include, but are not limited to:

Our doctors with a special interest in Women’s health

Dr Shahid Waheed likes to practice all aspects of general practice with special interest in acute care, asthma, cardiovascular risk management, diabetes, paediatrics, Implanon insertion and removal.

Dr Shahid Waheed

Dr Sharmin Akter is a medical doctor in Toowoomba

Dr Sharmin Akter

Dr Jamie Foo is a medical doctor in Toowoomba

Dr Jamie Foo

Dr Annie Kate Vann

Dr Annie-Kate Vann

Dr Hannah Windle is a medical doctor in Toowoomba

Dr Hannah Windle

Dr Eleni Harman is a medical doctor in Toowoomba

Dr Eleni Harman

Dr Bridget Steer is a medical doctor in Toowoomba

Dr Bridget Steer

Dr Annabelle Franklin is a General Practitioner in Toowoomba with special interests in women's health, dermatology and minor skin procedures.

Dr Annabelle Franklin

Dr Peta Carriline

Dr Peta Carriline

Our doctors fully qualified in IUD (Mirena and Kyleena) counselling and insertions

Dr Hannah Windle is a medical doctor in Toowoomba

Dr Hannah Windle

Dr Bridget Steer is a medical doctor in Toowoomba

Dr Bridget Steer

Dr Emily Geraghty a general practitioner from GPs on Curzon, Doctor in Toowoomba

Dr Emily Geraghty

Dr Rachael Gray, general practitioner from GPs on Curzon, Doctor in Toowoomba

Dr Rachael Gray

To book a consultation for women’s health conditions:

Call us at 07 4633 9000 or book online for an appointment.